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Through these sessions you will have the possibility to:

– Expand your orgasmic potential.

– Experience more vitality and increased energy.

– Open for more pleasure, love, joy, and flow in your life.

– Connect deeper with your own sexuality and sensuality.

– Rediscover and reclaim your erotic innocence and connect with the erotic intelligence on a deeper level.

 – Release blockages, trauma, guilt, and shame that prevent you from living with the whole of your being.

– Get better acquainted with your boundaries, desires, fears and where you have potential for growth.

– Let go of body shame, body denial, gain a more positive body image and increased self-confidence. 

– Feel more confident in your body and trust your body and womb wisdom.

– Step into your full power and discover and embody your full potential.

– Become more magnetic to create more of the life you really want.

– Expand your senses, and experience new aspects. 


At request I also offer yoni healing, yoni massage, and yoni mapping. These are always

held in a safe and honoured space and within your own boundaries of what is

comfortable for you.


 If you want to work deeper with me I offer a 7 session tantric journey through the

chakras, or we can tailor these sessions according to your souls unique journey and to

meet your personal requirements, desires, needs and intentions.

Please contact me for questions and more information.

Tantric Sessions - Information Form

Tantric Session

90 Minute Private Session


   Tantric Session

120 Minute Private Session


Tantric Session 

3 x 120 Minute Private Session

~ $ 

Tantric session 

7 x 120 Minute Private Session

$ 2160

Tantric Sessions - Information Form

Private Session Form

Please answer these questions and I will be in touch to book your session once you have submitted your form.

(The first session will also always include a  deeper consultation).


Tantric Sessions - Information Form
Sacred Body Awakening Private Session