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Sacred Yoni



Yoni mapping


Sacred Yoni



Yoni mapping

Sacred Yoni
Sacred Yoni

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Yoni Mapping  


Sacred Yoni

sacred yoni MASSAGE

 The word Yoni comes from ancient Sanskrit and refers to the entire female genitalia, from the external genitalia (vulva), to the vagina, uterus and ovaries. It also means Holy place or Holy Temple and refers to the seat and source of the divine feminine power.

A woman who has learned to know her Yoni is also deeply connected to her desires and needs and is able to communicate these clearly and clearly. This also fills her with self-confidence, the opportunity for deep pleasure, self-realization and expansion.

Through Yoni massage you have the opportunity to achieve a deeper connection and relationship with your own body and yoni, your own sexuality and sensuality, as well as increased sensitivity and relaxation.  

From this place blockages, stagnant energy, feelings and emotions can be transformed. The process can facilitate the release of numbness and pain to allow and open to pleasure, bliss and well-being, increased vitality and flow of life energy.

Yoni massage can also help expand your orgasmic potential and help you get into deeper contact with your true essence and open to your inner mysteries.

Sacred Yoni



 Through the yoni massage you will have the opportunity to:

Get a deeper relationship with your own body and Yoni

Meet yourself in the depth both in pleasure and vulnerability

✽ Possibility of increased fertility

Reduce tension and stress

Release trauma, blockages and repressed emotions 

Better contact with your own sensuality, sexuality, and experince increased sensitivity

✽ Let go of shame, guilt and taboos 

✽ Reduce and/or heal menstrual pain, cramps, pain during intercourse

✽ Learn to know your own limits

✽ Eliminate fear of intimacy and touch

✽ Increase the experience of happiness, joy and well-being

✽ Connect with the highest aspects of yourself

Increase your orgasmic potential, and possibility of deeper orgasms

Sacred Yoni



Sacred Yoni Mapping/Sacred de-armoring is a Sacred Tantric practice with focus and intention to create a deeper connection with the yoni and pleasure, experience feminine empowerment, healing, self-realization and achieve a deeper connection with the inner source.

 This practice takes place through releasing trauma, pain and numbness, as well as allowing the  discovery and permission of pleasure. These can bring both a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s own body and yoni, as well as helping to map your own pleasure potential and discover where there is room for expansion. 

For various underlying reasons both on the physical, psychological and spiritual level, the yoni as well as the body can create a protection of stagnant energy, where memories and experiences are stored in the physical body, the nervous system and at the cellular level. This can concern everything from sexual abuse, too fast penetration, painful sexual experiences, suppressed and stagnated feelings, pain, crossed boundaries, surgical intervention, abortion, childbirth, memories and experiences from childhood, as well as karmic imprints we no longer even remember. We all have our own unique story.

Through experience, the body learns to create an armoring that can act as a defense or protection mechanism with a useful function for a time, but which can also prevent and stop deeper pleasure, expansion, bliss and the complete unfolding of life and ecstasy.

Through one (or more sessions) this protection is gradually released through gentle touch, massage, work with points, energy work, breath and deep loving presence. 

Sacred Yoni




    ✽ Give you better contact with your own sexuality and improved sex life

    ✽ Increase vitality, health and enjoyment of life

    ✽ Facilitate better contact and acceptance of  your own pleasure, desire and relationship with your own  body

    ✽ Expand your orgasmic potential and provide increased capacity for pleasure

    ✽ Allow you to let go of trauma, fear, shame and stagnant energy

    ✽ Greater freedom and increased self-confidence

    ✽ Greater experience of security and belonging

    ✽ Release spiritual, emotional, physical and karmic blockages

    ✽ Deeper orgasms

    ✽ Deepen the possibility to become multi-orgasmic

    ✽ Transform numbness and pain into pleasure and well-being.

    ✽ Restore deeper contact with the yoni

    ✽ Increase sensitivity

    ✽ Learn to know your own boundaries

    ✽ Release tension and stress stored in the body

    ✽ Open for greater flow of lifeforce energy

    ✽ Reduce menstrual pain and cramps

    ✽ Increase fertility and vitality

    ✽ Increase creativity and better contact with your own intuition

    ✽ Open to Amrita, female ejaculation

    Sacred Yoni

    All sessions always start with a consultation and conversation, so that everything is adapted to your individual needs and that you feel taken care of. All sessions are unique and different in terms of boundaries, wishes, intention and focus.

    The session always includes a full tantric body massage (unless otherwise agreed), to provide both relaxation, grounding, create safety and to be able to work more deeply.

    Feel free to contact me for a conversation to see if this is something for you.



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    Sacred Yoni