Tantric shamanic 

 Reclaim your

Holy womb

and Open 

To deep sacred


mysteries and wisdom



“When a woman answers the call of her womb, she enter into a new existence and dimention of divine radiance, abundance and magick “ 

Sacred Womb Awakening --ss


sacred Womb Awakening

Tantric Shamanic Dance journey


Welcome to a deep and transformative journey into the most mystical and magical innermost sacred space and portal of all existence of life, death and creation.


The womb is our power center of pure life-force, creation vortex and center for sexuality and sensuality. A key place to access our deepest intuition and feminine wisdom as women, as well as having the power to unlock a sense of fullness and pleasure in our lives, and to remember the sacredness of being and connection to all life.

A sacred sacred space where only love, admiration, and positivity should exist and enter.


 A woman deeply anchored in her womb and body, who owns her desires, longing and deep pleasure, is magnetic and unstoppable. She speaks her truth and stands up for what she believes in, not what she has been taught to be or behave.


– She is a divine temple and portal, a dancing mystical poetry of love, magnificence and radiance- 


Through this tantric shamanic embodiment dance you will be guided to ground deeply into the core of your being, back to safety and belonging.  Through breath, movement and sound you will learn how to activate, cultivate, your own sexual energy – Kundalini Shakti and how you can use this lifeforce for transformation and healing through high tantric alchemy.

Release old contracts, attachments, belief systems and transmute what doesn’t serve you anymore, to rebirth your womb back to divine love.


You will be invited to explore and dance through different aspects of self, archetypes and elements. Explore your dark as well as light, and open to the quintessence of the womb.

Receive a deeper Integration and balancing through Womb Yoga, as well as a honouring and Sacred Rose  Womb blessing ritual.

Sacred Womb Awakening --ss

Through This Dance Journey

you have the possiblity to

Experience deeper connection with your own sacred womb space and rose womb heart

       Deeper connection to your own sexuality, erotic essence, longing, passion and desire

 Open up to deep feminine wisdom

 Awaken your sacred temple codes and gain a deeper connection to the mysteries within your sensual body

 Explore different aspects of yourself

 More freedom and authenticity in life 

 Learn how to activate your own sexual life-force energy, Kundalini Shakti

 Honor and experience your sacredness

 Embrace your shadows and light

 Give birth to new ideas, projects and offerings

 Rebirth your Womb back to love

 Experience deeper grounding, safety and belonging in your body

 Deeper connection to your inner oracle, innerworld  and portal to other dimensions  

 Cut cords, karmic binding and attachments that no longer serve you

 Experience how to hold and support yourself 

 Deepe connection to Mary Magdalene and  The Rose Lineage

 Expand your pleasure potential, sensual awareness and  body confidence 

 Deep feminine empowerment and self leadership

 Open to abundance,  flow and divine creativity  

THROUGH this dance journey you will experience 

– Embodied Erotica – Kundalini Dance

– Yin/Yang Womb balancing Yoga 

– Sacred Womb blessing and honouring  Ritual

– Alchemical Cacao

– Sharing circle

– Invocation and grounding


Sacred Womb Awakening --ss
Sacred Womb Awakening --ss


Layna Elvira

Layna is a Sacred Sexuality and embodiment mentor, tantrica, mystic and priestess of Isis Magdalene lineage.

She guides and invites deeper connection to sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, erotic nature and the reclamation of different aspects of being, so that women can discover and remember their true divinity and unique magic. Experience greater freedom, feminine empowerment, self-confidence and embody her full potential.

Layna Elvira has trained extensively in many different modalities including Sacred Body Awakening, Kundalini Dance, Tantra Therapy, Sacred Sexuality,  The Avalon Rose Priestess Training with Annabel Du Boulay, ISTA and Soul Reading and Clairvoyance.

She is also a licensed Nurse and Cacao Priestess, dedicated as a Priestess of Magdalene and holds knowledge from different esoteric traditions and mystery schools.

She shares her work passionately through different  workshops and retreats, kundalini Dance and Embodied Erotica classes. She also offers private Sacred Tantric sessions, soul reading, ceremonies and Mentorship.


Sacred Womb Awakening --ss


Veronica Tafni 

My journey started for full 4 years ago after a deep fall into the depths of the earth. 

Yoga and kundalini dance found me one day when I was stumbling around in the dark and turned out to be just the medicine I had prayed for. 

Together with nature and our beautiful angels in animal form I started to slowly get back up on me feet. 

The beautiful roses, the moon, mother earth and Mary Magdalens compassionate touch has supported me and held me every step off the way. 

I dream of and wish for peace and freedom in the world and inside every living being.

I find the human brain and psychology very interesting and love how complex and simple humans are.


I have completed a 200 hour Yogaworks TT and

Yin Yoga 50 hour TT, 

Before my first rebirth I worked with children for many years. After 4 years of school I got my certification of apprenticeship

Sacred Womb Awakening --ss
Sacred Womb Awakening --ss



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Price for a full day workshop

1222 NOK 

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