Erotica Training Spain 2024

EMBODIED EROTICA Facilitator Training

Priestess Art 



Erotica Training Spain 2024

Sacred Erotic Priestess Art

Dance and Feminine Embodiment Initiation


Erotica Training Spain 2024

Live Your Passion and Purpose

Do you desire to make your passion and pleasure your business? 

 Do you want to support others to come into their true power through deep feminine embodiment practice, erotic mystery teachings and sacred  priestess art? 

 Do you want to become a facilitator and hold sacred space for others, be a leader or guide?


Welcome to a Tantric Priestess Training based on initiation and a program founded on dance and deep embodiment. Teachings that go beyond the mind’s capacity of understanding, to deepen into a surrender that reveals who and what you are at the core.


Erotica Training Spain 2024

Come and Discover the Erotic Mysteries



10 Days Priestess Initiating Training.

In Spain,  23th of June -2th of July 2025


8 Months Online Mentorship Program

Sensual Body and Feminine Chakra Alchemy – Deepening into Embodiment


 Guest calls and teachings with Inspiring Teachers 


Private 1:1 Mentorship sessions

1 In person Workshops – AND you will qualify to take LEVEL 2 courses


Your own Practicum and a final Certification


Step Into Your Uniqueness

Create Your Personal Magic


This is a training for those who work in the field of sacred sexuality/tantra, bodywork or dance. If you are a dakini, priestess, artist, guide, yogini, and feel deeply connected with the feminine mystery teachings, The Rose Lineage, or  if you feel deeply called and devoted to offer this work. This is for you if you love to use your creative force, want to expand, and come into your full expression and feel ready to commit to yourself and your soul purpose. 

The training program will support you to connect with your erotic energy and essence, awaken your true divine life force – Kundalini – Shakti, and boost your creative power. As well as guide you to connect to your true potential, aligned with your pleasure, your passion, your uniqueness and personal style.

You will learn how you can use your own life force in alignment to resonate with true love and union with the Divine. So you can create the life you want and share your work and offerings from a place of fulfillment and abundance.

The training is both module based, personalized and transformative and will give you a deep and grounded foundation, skills and teaching materials. On completion of this training you will be able to guide group journeys as well as facilitate and teach group courses in Sacred Erotic Priestess Art and Embodied Erotica dance classes and courses.

You will receive and integrate chakra alchemy, archetypal work, pleasure magic, sacred rituals and ceremonies, sacred bodywork and tantric shamanic alchemical practices.

The training will also support you to build on your own offering, or incorporate into the work you are already doing. You will be able to enhance your divine leader skills and boost your confidence, as well as developing your leader/teacher/facilitater style.

You will receive inspiration from different approaches and teachers, to encourage the development and use of your own gifts. We will support you to create your own unique offerings as well as reawaken, and remember, the qualities and skills that are available for you.

This program is based on a foundation of;

Sovereignty, empowerment, uniqueness, style, feminine mystery teaching, embodiment, sacred erotic art, authenticity and divine self mastery.

Come, unveil and embody your own Sacred Erotic Mysteries and divine power of love and learn how to use your erotic force and intelligence to manifest your dreams and visions, to create the life you truly desire!





Module 1

Erotic Priestess Initiation Retreat


Erotica Training Spain 2024


10 days In Person Training 

Spain 23th of June- 2th of Juny 2025. 


✰Full day Priestess Initiation Program

✰ Archetypal Dance and Feminine Embodiment 

✰ Erotic Mysteries

✰ Sacred Sensual Bodywork

✰Devotional Sacred Erotic Priestess Art

✰ Priestess rituals  and ceremonies

✰ Tantric Feminine Alchemy

✰ The Essence and wisdom about Sacred sexuality and Sacred inner Union 

Module 2

8 Months Online Training


Erotica Training Spain 2024


SEPTEMBER 2024 – June 2025

✰ 10 × 2 hours online zoom call.



Root Chakra -Sacred Living 

Fundament, Grounding, Roots, Health, Stability,  Vitality, safety. 

✰ Sacral Chakra-Erotic Essence and force

Sacred Sexuality, Erotic Theme, Creative Flow, Sensual pleasure

Solar Plexus- Fire of Passion

Self-esteem, Confidence, Direction, Love as Power

✰ Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love

Healing the wounds of the Heart, Compassion and Forgiveness,

✰ Throat Chakra – Clear Communication

Authenticity and Creative Expression,

Healing The Priestess and Witch Wound

✰ Third Eye Chakra- Psychic Abilities

Vision, Clairvoyance, Ethics, Manifestation, Clarity,

✰ Crown Chakra- Divine Union 

Divine Love, Divine Inspiration, Trust and Surrender



Module 3

In Person Workshop


Erotica Training Spain 2024

✰ 1 in person workshop, this year in Norway,

 If you for some reason you can not attend, please contact us for options.


Module 4

Guest Teacher Call


Erotica Training Spain 2024

✰ 8 x ,5 hours Zoom Call

with inspiring teac

Module 5

Your  Own  Practicum 


Erotica Training Spain 2024

Commit to yourself, step into your power and share your magical offerings with your comunity and with the world.

To certify as a facilitator, you must have approved and completed a 2 x 8week course, or equivalent number of hours of practice.  As well as deliver related reflections and a  feedback form.


Module 6

Private 1.1 Mentoring


Erotica Training Spain 2024

✰ 3 x 2 hour personal mentorship, online or in person!




Embodied erotic dance 

Archetypal embodiment 

Feminine chakra alchemy 

Sacred tantric bodywork 

Sacred feminine priestess arts

The flow of pleasure, passion and magic

Create tantric -shamanic group journeys

Create playlists and “Dance maps” for shamanic journeys

Boundaries, integrity and intimacy practices

Priestess rituals and ceremonies

Yoni healing and rituals

Womb awakening rituals

Tantric exercises and practices

Sacred alchemical chocolate magic

Sacred inner union 

Sexual magic and manifestation

Ethics and responsibility 

Kundalini activation

Sacred breast massage 

Business and network building 


Shadow work 

✰ Relationship with money 

Sacred bleeding 

Trauma awareness

Group support


Womb wisdom

Sacred sexuality and divine union

Creating sacred and safe space

Inner balance between the feminine and masculine 






 Lets live the Magic

Dear Woman!

Are you ready for The Erotic Priestess Initiation? 

Module 1 and the 10 days program will give you a deep tantric and archetypal  embodiment experience. 

You can take the Priestess Initiation as a separate journey,  or as a part of a full year program where you will get qualified as a Embodied Erotica Facilitator on completion.

Read more about ;


TheMystical  PriestessInitiation will take place at  the Beautiful VenueVilla Dorothea

This stunning venue is located in Bella Orcheta at the foot of the Aitana mountains, in Spain.

For 10 powerful days this will be our temple home and place of initiation. The nature around us carries deep and ancient wisdom and history and has a mystical atmosphere for those who are open to receive and hear.

This is the place and opportunity to open yourself as a sacred servent and vessel and allow your erotic pristess precense to immerge.

Read more in the link below!

Erotica Training Spain 2024
Erotica Training Spain 2024
Erotica Training Spain 2024
Erotica Training Spain 2024
Erotica Training Spain 2024
Approach and Focus for this Training




✰Tantric approach to sex, relationship and life 


✰Initiation based


✰Uniqueness, genuinity,  authenticity and coherence

✰Integrity and sovereignty  


✰Freedom and personal responisibility 



✰Experienced based  




✰Ethical and Human



This Program Promises


This Facilitator Training might be for you if

 ✰Are ready and willing to invest in yourself and make your dreams a reality

✰ Want to support others to get a deeper connection with their own sexuality, body and feminine essence
✰ Want to take your business and visions to the next level
✰ You love embodiment and/or dance 
✰Are ready to take risks
✰ Want more freedom in your life
✰ Want a more juicy and sexy life
✰ Know your work is in the field of tantra, sacred sexuality, intimacy, dance or/and  embodiment
✰Love mystical realms and beyond experiences
✰ Know you are a teacher, leader or guide
✰Longing to return back to the temple
✰Want to support others to step into their true power
✰Want to be a fully activated woman

This Training is not for you if

    ✰ You are looking for a therapy

✰Are looking for a theoretical education

✰ You dont want to change

✰Are afraid to be confronted

✰You haven’t done any work with yourselfV

✰ Are afraid to meet yourself

✰ If you are not ready to invest or take risks

✰ If you want a tantra massage or tantra therapy training 

✰ If you dont like to dance 

If you have not done  any work in tantra, embodiment, sacred sexuality, somatic awareness, dance, yoga or cant provide any documentation of  previous experiences.Th


Embody Elegance through Authentic Expression!

Erotica Training Spain 2024
Erotica Training Spain 2024


Pay deposit to secure your spot

10 000 NOK


Pay before of 1th March  

30 000 NOK  


Before 15th of May 

38 000 NOK


Pay before

46 000 NOK


This is for the 10 day Priestess Initiation only, and does not include the whole year program


24 000 NOK 


27 00 NOK


Payment plans available

Request payment!


(Mandatory for both for the whole year, AND for the Initiation retreat)


Still not sure if this is for you?

Contact me for a discovery call!



Erotica Training Spain 2024


Layna  Michelle is a Sacred Sexuality and embodiment mentor and teacher, tantrica, mystic, a dancer, priestess of Isis -Magdalene lineage and the founder of Embodied Erotica.

She guides and invites deeper connection to sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, erotic nature and the reclamation of different aspects of being, so that women can discover and remember their true divinity and unique magic. Experience greater freedom, feminine empowerment, self-confidence and embody her full potential.

Layna has trained extensively in many different modalities including Sacred Body Awakening, Kundalini Dance, Tantra Therapy, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training with Annabel Du Boulay, Soul Reading and Clairvoyance at Agape Instituttet and done ISTA Trainings.

She is also a licensed Nurse and Cacao Priestess, dedicated as a Priestess of Magdalene and the Gnostic Goddess, and holds knowledge from different esoteric traditions and mystery schools.

She shares her work passionately through different workshops and retreats, kundalini Dance, Sacred body Awakening, and Embodied Erotica courses, She also offers private Sacred Tantric Bodywork sessions, soul reading, ceremonies and private Mentorship as well as holds Embodied Erotica Facilitator Trainings.


Erotica Training Spain 2024


Anita has always been curious about people and what it is that forms our behavior. Her whole life she has been tasked with motivating, inspiring and pushing people to get the best out of themselves, to reach their potential. 

She took a personal trainer education, as well as instructor education at the Norwegian school of Sport Science as an adult. She also has an NLP health coach education from Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. She is therefore knowledgeable about how our thoughts affect us, and what potential that lies in becoming conscious of ones own thought patterns and the power in changing these if we wish for a change in our lives. Anita is also conscious of the power words we choose to use and is skilled at making others conscious of the words we use and the power of the words.

Anita has worked as a manager, coach, mentor, personal trainer, instructor, dietary coach and held many lectures and courses. all this to help people that wished to make a change in their life.

She has a foundational belief that all people have great potential and is passionate about helping the people that wish to use their potential.

As she has worked as a personal trainer instructor and mentor for many years, she believes that mind and body makes up a system together, and that we have to get more in touch with our bodies again. We have become too technologically reliant and therefore forgot to listen to our bodies, where wisdom, truth, and infinite knowledge are available. To get back to our bodies and be there to find many of the answers we seek, is essential. 

Anita has herself been a part of many different retreats, to work with her own development, to become the best version of herself, so that she could become a good role model and inspire others who wish to make a change.

To be the best version of herself and to be autonomous, she meditates daily, has rituals she carries out every morning, to focus and plan so no days are wasted. She uses the dance to free up energy, and works out to both become strong and grounded. 

Anita wishes to contribute to a better world. To make that happen we have to start with women. Give the women the opportunity to find their power and stand firm in it. Women have to cheer for each other, inspire and lift each other. She believes that if we build safe spaces for women where they can find their power and shine, then the world will become a better place.

Erotica Training Spain 2024

During the Sacred Body Awakening ritual, we were divided into groups of women and men. This made me feel safe, as I understood the awakening to be an intimate experience. Layna Elvira, who lead the female group, started by explaining what was going to happen in the ritual and made it clear that all kinds of reactions and experiences were allowed. This opened a space of acceptance and gave me an even deeper sense of security. This security and acceptance spread to the group and made me feel close to the others even though I did not know them well before the ritual.

Layna Elvira led us through the first ritual, and then let us try in turn. I had no expectation that sacred body awakening would be something I would respond to, but the response I experienced was overwhelming.

Being held, feeling unconditional love, and being allowed to feel in one’s own body what happens when you experience completely non-sexual and healing touch is an incredibly rare experience – I think – in anyones life.

– Anna T.

For me, this sacred body awakening was cleansing, beautiful and healing. It felt endlessly safe, loving and close. Through this ritual I felt that I was finally able to feel my body and myself again in a way that I haven’t done in a while. In retrospect, I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to participate in this experience.

This was indeed an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and given the chance I would do it again without question! After the ritual, Layna Elvira was very attentive and nice to open up to. She let us talk about what we needed to process our experiences both as individuals and as a group.

Elvira also made it clear that she would be there for us if we needed it even after the retreat. For anyone who doubts sacred body awakening is something they want to try, I strongly encourage you to do it! Elvira  will take care of you and do everything she can to see you and meet you in your needs

– Anna T.

The kundalini dancing helped me to get in touch with my energy body and express in a safe space all the things I was feeling in that moment. It brought me on a journey in a safe space of acceptance and non-judgement.

It was a freeing experience… physically through the breath work and movement… emotionally by encouraging honesty and openness to the moment. I felt a connectedness with myself that I enjoyed and a flow that connected me with the other people sharing the experience. I felt a lot of joy and love throughout the kundalini dancing session.

The sacred feminine healing session was very powerful, putting me in touch with my own female energy. It awakened my deepest need to be held and nurtured by the feminine unconditionally. It gave me a sense of the warmth and gentleness of this form of healing that I have not experienced in a long time. It awakened my sexual energy also. It was as if the energies coming from up through the genitals and down through the crown were opening something within me that could not have been touched on any other way. It’s hard to put into words… you need to experience it for yourself.

– Claire

Layna Elvira is a very warm, caring, open person who gently introduces you to each of the experiences. She made sure that everyone felt safe and secure in the session and encouraged everyone to allow their inner wisdom to guide them as to how far to go into the experience.

Layna Elvira passion for the work she is doing with people is very evident through her loving attitude towards healing and her focus on bringing light into the lives of the people she comes into contact with through her work.

I would recommend going to her classes if you are a person who wants to explore your inner world and your connectedness with the other in a safe compassionate way.

– Claire

Are you ready to embrace your whole self, honor your sexuality and let go of all shame? Then I can warmly recommend Layna Elvira 💓 She is raw, playful, genuine, honest and loving. She has dedicated her life to this work. She supports women to get into deeper contact with their life force. She has a beautiful connection with the sacred feminine and was created to be a guide in this field 💐 Thank you so much for showing the way by being the true you🙏🏼
There are so many words I would use to describe you and the transformative weekend with the yoni verse. But the wisdom you share is also wordless. It takes courage, surrender and deep sacred awareness to be able to share this with a world that still lives with a lot of guilt and shame. Thank you so much for leading the way as a courageous role model for many 🔥🧡❤️🙏🏼

– Anniken Brekko –

I attended the course Sacred Tantric Priestess and it was a transformative and very powerfulI experience for me. I wish that all women should have had an experience like this!
Layna is a fantastic and empatic teacher who inspires you to get out of your comfort zone to get in touch with your own source of sexual power. She shares her wisdom with love and autenticy, and you really feel how she does this work with her heart ❤️

I felt so held and confirmed in the group and Layna allways makes sure that everyone feels safe. The whole atmosphere had a divine tantric glow, and I was able to awaken and connect with shakti energy and allow it to take place and flow freely in my body and in the group. After the course, I feel completely alive and vital, feel more secure in my sexuality and allow it to come out in a way that I have not experienced before.

I am so greatful for this course and all the wisdom that Layna shared with us, it was beautiful and raw ❤️💋 I will definitly come back again!

Ellinor Anna Eivor

Elvira is a fantastic spaceholder. The first time we met she showed a warm passion with a genuine desire to be there, Through Kundalini dance she guided me into the heart and the strength of myself blossomed. She has a real presence, and creates safety – dance and expression can be free. Thank you so much Elvira

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