Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch


ReWeaving The Witch

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch

Enchantress-ReWeaving The Witch



A Reclamation Retreat – Avalon

OCtober 2022

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch


Beloved Sister  

This October we invite you to enter the autumnal cauldron of Avalon with intent to honour and weave in sisterhood-  A Reclamation of The Enchantress-Witch.


She who is the gatekeeper of the threshold between the worlds- the portal of the womb and the well- of earth and spirit, of dream and matter- of our innate interconnection with the mystery & great web of life. She is our guide across the thresholds of life’s rich experiences held foremost in our relationship with our wild essence- the ecology of our core self-  She who is Nature-deep bodily wisdom, knowledge beyond the veil and wisdom that comes through life’s initiations. 


This sacred archetype of many titles-  wise women, hearthkeeper, weaver, medicine woman, oracle, enchantress, earth’s beloved daughter, wombkeeper, midwife,mystic  and shapeshifter- is the medicine of this time- for ourselves, for our communities, & for our beloved earth home.


To reclaim the Witch within is an act of gratitude, of reverence and of honor for the earth and for all- healers, herbalists, midwives, oracles, shamans, priestesses, mothers, sages, wise ones who walked this path of devotion before us- many of whom lost their lives in persecution and desecration of this sacred relationship with earth and to our own embodied power.

We are returning, gathering, weaving, recalling back the traditions, memories and rituals that were once taken, hidden or buried from our consciousness- but remain held deeply within our cells, bones and memory- in our blood, in our wombs and the natural world within and around us. This work is to be our collaborative spell weaving of both modern and ancient returning. She is calling us home to remember our nature, through dream, symbolism, synchronistic encounter and sisterhood.

Working with rich mythic symbolism, ritual, herbal craft, sacred bodywork, dance & ceremony we call the Witch to reweave through us one more as our collective embodiment of this divine archetype.


Sisters, this is our invitation to weave together once more. 

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch



Sisterhood Circles

Oracle Tea Ceremony

Mythic Explorations

Shamanic Journeys

Sacred shamanic BodyWork

Kundalini Dance – Erotic Witch

Enchantress Embodiment

Herbal Craft


Self-pleasure – Magic Ritual

Elemental Blessing


Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch





✰  Release karmic contract, blockages and wounds that no longer serve you. 


✰  Deeper connection with you own sexuality, your sensual body and erotic essence


✰  Open into the Mystery 


✰  Rewrite your story, reweave our collective story and awaken deep cellar memories 


✰  Reconnect with your ancient roots and connection to the cycles of nature 


✰  Awaken and reclaim your inner Enchantress- Witch


✰  Activate your psychic gifts & reclaim your embodied power


✰  Feel more free and authentic, open for a more clear communication


✰  Expand your creative flow and expression 

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch

  Layna Elvira 

Elvira is a Sacred Sexuality and embodiment mentor, tantrica, mystic and priestess of Isis Magdalene lineage.

She guides and invites deper connection to sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, erotic nature and the reclamation of different aspects of being, so that women can discover and remember their true divinity and unique magic. Experience greater freedom, feminine empowerment, self-confidence and embody her full potential.

Layna Elvira has trained extensively in many different modalities including Sacred Body Awakening, Kundalini Dance, ISTA, Tantra Therapy, Sacred Sexuality, Soul Reading and  Clairvoyance and  The Avalon Rose Priestess Training at The Avalon Rose Chapel.

She is also a licensed Nurse and Cacao Priestess, dedicated as a Priestess of Magdalene and holds knowledge from different esoteric traditions and mystery schools. She shares her work passionately through different workshops and retreats, Kundalini Dance, Embodied Erotica classes.  She also offers Sacred Tantric sessions, Mentorship,  soul reading and Ceremonies.

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch

caRMEN Edwards

Magic and Medicine 

Background of Bellydance and performance art, makeup artistry and creative designer –  I am an artist at heart.

~Specialisms in Mythology and Art within therapeutic practice

~Interdisciplinary psychology MA within specialism in the Transpersonal – The Transformational Spirit that lives within all of us.

~I am also Wild Medicine Women and Priestess of Brigantia and The Rose, infusing my gifts into services and offerings in devotion and dedication to returning the ancient mystery teachings and ancestral spirituality that leads us back home.

~tools I offer are created from my own journey, although some have been shared lovingly with me by other medicine women to facilitate this activation of remembrance in all.

~You are the ‘prima material’ ~ the raw form that this medicine touches. The alchemy of which will be your own unique fragrance. 


Saturday 15th- 10am – 9pm – With lunch and dinner breaks.

Sunday 16th- 10am- 7pm – with lunch and breaks.




Goddess Hall Glastonbury 


BOOk your sacred witchy spot 


188 GBP (Before September 22th

Full pris

  222  GBP  (Full Pris)

 (No refund, unless documentation).


 Please note this is a non residential retreat- Accommodation & meals must be arranged separately for those attending. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided and basic kitchen facilities will be available on site.   

Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch
Enchantress- ReWeaving The Witch

During the Sacred Body Awakening ritual, we were divided into groups of women and men. This made me feel safe, as I understood the awakening to be an intimate experience. Layna Elvira, who lead the female group, started by explaining what was going to happen in the ritual and made it clear that all kinds of reactions and experiences were allowed. This opened a space of acceptance and gave me an even deeper sense of security. This security and acceptance spread to the group and made me feel close to the others even though I did not know them well before the ritual.

Layna Elvira led us through the first ritual, and then let us try in turn. I had no expectation that sacred body awakening would be something I would respond to, but the response I experienced was overwhelming.

Being held, feeling unconditional love, and being allowed to feel in one’s own body what happens when you experience completely non-sexual and healing touch is an incredibly rare experience – I think – in anyones life.

– Anna

Felt like I was able to turn inside and shut off the external distractions during the shamanic healing and came into contact with something deep. I felt safe and was able to relax by Anna’s guidance. It was like touching my deeper emotions and inside self. For a moment I was somewhere else. It gave so much more than just conversation

– Anon

The kundalini dancing helped me to get in touch with my energy body and express in a safe space all the things I was feeling in that moment. It brought me on a journey in a safe space of acceptance and non-judgement.

It was a freeing experience… physically through the breath work and movement… emotionally by encouraging honesty and openness to the moment. I felt a connectedness with myself that I enjoyed and a flow that connected me with the other people sharing the experience. I felt a lot of joy and love throughout the kundalini dancing session.

The sacred feminine healing session was very powerful, putting me in touch with my own female energy. It awakened my deepest need to be held and nurtured by the feminine unconditionally. It gave me a sense of the warmth and gentleness of this form of healing that I have not experienced in a long time. It awakened my sexual energy also. It was as if the energies coming from up through the genitals and down through the crown were opening something within me that could not have been touched on any other way. It’s hard to put into words… you need to experience it for yourself.

– Claire

The moon circle with Anna gave so much inspiration. I liked the combination of movement and meditation with knowledge connected to the moon and herbs as I was always fascinated by the energy from the moon. I felt I was guided in a very good way too

– Anon

For me, this sacred body awakening was cleansing, beautiful and healing. It felt endlessly safe, loving and close. Through this ritual I felt that I was finally able to feel my body and myself again in a way that I haven’t done in a while. In retrospect, I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to participate in this experience.

This was indeed an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and given the chance I would do it again without question! After the ritual, Layna Elvira was very attentive and nice to open up to. She let us talk about what we needed to process our experiences both as individuals and as a group.

Elvira also made it clear that she would be there for us if we needed it even after the retreat. For anyone who doubts sacred body awakening is something they want to try, I strongly encourage you to do it! Elvira  will take care of you and do everything she can to see you and meet you in your needs

– Anna

Layna Elvira is a very warm, caring, open person who gently introduces you to each of the experiences. She made sure that everyone felt safe and secure in the session and encouraged everyone to allow their inner wisdom to guide them as to how far to go into the experience.

Layna Elvira passion for the work she is doing with people is very evident through her loving attitude towards healing and her focus on bringing light into the lives of the people she comes into contact with through her work.

I would recommend going to her classes if you are a person who wants to explore your inner world and your connectedness with the other in a safe compassionate way.

– Claire