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Sacred Erotic Priestess Art 


Layna Michelle  Faye


Awakening Divine Feminine Embodiment Through Sacred Tantric practice, dance, Pleasure Magic and Body Love Alchemy



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Dear Woman

My name is Layna Michelle  Faye. I am a Sacred Sexuality and Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Dance Teacher, Tantrica, and Mystic. I am a dedicated Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage.

My deep passion and pleasure is to guide women to develop a deeper connection to  sexuality, sensuality and feminine essence. Support her to reclaim and embody her erotic innocence, so that she can rediscover and embrace the nature of her own erotic intelligence. Expand her orgasmic potential, deepen into pleasure and remember and honour, her body and sexuality as sacred and divine.

I love to support women to become intimate with her true and unique potential and divine self, so that she can experience greater freedom, increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and dare to expand and live her dream, to share her uniqueness and magical gifts into the world.

I Invite you to Come and Discover and Unveile The Erotic Mysteries 

Sacred Offerings and Events

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Embodied Erotica 


Sacred Erotic Priestess Art 

Do you desire to make your passion and pleasure your business? 

 Do you want to support others to come into their true power through deep feminine embodiment practice, erotic mystery teachings and sacred  priestess art? 

 Do you want to become a facilitator and hold sacred space for others, be a leader or guide? 

Welcome to a Tantric Priestess Training based on initiation and a program founded on dance and deep embodiment. Teachings that go beyond the mind’s capacity of understanding, to deepen into a surrender that reveals who and what you are at the core.

(Spain, Norway 2025-2026)

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Living eros

sacred woman awakening  

Through the art of tantric dance, sacred bodywork, devoted priestess rituals and ceremonies, womb journeys and sacred nature walks, we invite you to let go, to surrender, to empty, to expand, transform, to love, and open in devotion to the divine!
During this journey we initiate and explore new pathways to pleasure, to find inner nourishment, vitality, health and vibrancy. We invite you into deeper connection with your own body, sensuality and sexuality.

(Crete , June – July 2024)

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 I invite you on a tantric priestess  initiation journey, which will provide the opportunity to meet yourself in depth, awaken your sacred priestess codes and open to the feminine mysteries. Develop a new relationship with your body, your own sexuality and return to your natural state of erotic innocence.

(Amsterdam May, 2024)

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 Welcome to magical Spain for a 10 day Sacred Erotic Priestess Art and Embodied Archetypal Immersion, in the essence of erotic innocence and reclamation of the lost feminine and sacred sexual sovereignty. A journey initiated with different feminine archetypes and goddess aspects, where you will receive and integrate wisdom related to the sacred magic and divine keys that they carry as a way of stepping into your divine leadership and your soul purpose. 

You will learn how to activate your own life-force energy kundalini, and through chakra alchemy, how to release and alchemically transform old patterns and blockages and create more freedom of living, liberated power, and how to enter higher states of consciousness.

This training will initiate you in Rose lineage rituals and devotional priestess work, pleasure magic, wisdom around sacred sexuality, sacred tantric bodywork and feminine mystery teachings.

(July, 2024)

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Tantric priestess

sacred body love Workshop

Jeg inviterer deg med på en tantrisk prestinne- og initieringsreise, hvor du har mulighet til å møte deg selv på dypet, vekke dine indre hellige koder og åpne for de feminine mysterier. Utvikle ett nytt forhold til kropp, egen seksualitet og komme tilbake til din naturlige erotiske uskyldighet.  


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Erotic Priestess Dance


Initiert gjennomen fusion av kundalini dans, feminin embodiment, tantrisk praksis og danse moves vil vi utforske og legemliggjøre ulike erotiske feminine arketyper,  gudinne aspekter og energier. Omfavne helheten av det kvinnelige og feminine i hennes fulle utrykk, råskap, kraft, eros, essens og mystisisme. Det mørke, det stygge, skam og tabubelagte, så vel som det søte, sexy, forførende og vakre.  

(Norway, Oslo, 2023)

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SACRED TantrA Sessions for women 

Come into a safe and guided initiation that invites you to go deep within, connect deeply with your own bodily wisdom, remember the feminine mysteries, & reawaken the sacred codes and ancient memories within your body.

Layna Elvira provides a deep and honouring space for you to reconnect with your sacred feminine essence while developing a more loving relationship with your body and sensuality. Rediscover your erotic innocence and honour your sexuality  and body as sacred and divine.

(updating the page)!

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SAcred Yoni WS

The word Yoni comes from ancient Sanskrit and refers to the entire female genitalia, from the external genitalia (vulva), to the vagina, uterus and ovaries. It also means Holy place or Holy Temple and refers to the seat and source of the divine feminine power.

A woman who has learned to know her Yoni is also deeply connected to her desires and needs and is able to communicate these clearly and clearly. This also fills her with self-confidence, the opportunity for deep pleasure, self-realization and expansion. 

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Soul Reading session 


(online- coming)

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SACRED Priestess Bodywork

Ritual – Workshop 

(August , 2024 )

Denne form for hellig tantrisk bodywork er en høyt tantrisk prestinne og initierings praksis, en gjenfødelse, oppvåknings og “anointing art”. En kunst fra de gamle mysterieskolene, gudinne og initierings templene. En tradisjon og en legemliggjørelse praksis dypt forankret i Rose linjen, praktisert av prestinner i templer dedikert til Venus, Inanna-Ishtar, Afrodite, Isis, videreført gjennom Maria til Maria Magdalena og videre praktisert av dedikerte prestinner frem til i dag. En kunstform og et legemliggjørelsens rituale som handler alt om gjenkalle, erindre og gjenkjenne, noe dypt lagret i vårt indre.  

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My Gallery (coming)

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About Your Guide

Layna Michelle Faye


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Layna Michelle is a Sacred Sexuality and embodiment mentor and teacher, tantrica, mystic, a dancer, priestess of Isis -Magdalene lineage and the founder of Embodied Erotica.

She guides and invites deeper connection to sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, erotic nature and the reclamation of different aspects of being, so that women can discover and remember their true divinity and unique magic. Experience greater freedom, feminine empowerment, self-confidence and embody her full potential.

Layna Michelle has trained extensively in many different modalities including Sacred Body Awakening, Kundalini Dance, Tantra Therapy, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training with Annabel Du Boulay, Soul Reading and Clairvoyance at Agape Instituttet and done ISTA Trainings.

She is also a licensed Nurse and Cacao Priestess, dedicated as a Priestess of Magdalene and the Gnostic Goddess, and holds knowledge from different esoteric traditions and mystery schools.

She shares her work passionately through different workshops and retreats, kundalini Dance, Sacred body Awakening, and Embodied Erotica courses, She also offers private Sacred Tantric Bodywork sessions, soul reading, ceremonies and private Mentorship as well as holds Embodied Erotica Facilitator Trainings TM

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Live Your Passion!



About Layna Michelle Faye’s offerings

Are you ready to embrace your whole self, honor your sexuality and let go of all shame? Then I can warmly recommend Layna Elvira 💓  She is raw, playful, genuine, honest and loving. She has dedicated her life to this work. She supports women to get into deeper contact with their life force. She has a beautiful connection with the sacred feminine and was created to be a guide in this field 💐 Thank you so much for showing the way by being the true you🙏🏼

There are so many words I would use to describe you and the transformative weekend with the yoni verse. But the wisdom you share is also wordless. It takes courage, surrender and deep sacred awareness to be able to share this with a world that still lives with a lot of guilt and shame. Thank you so much for leading the way as a courageous role model for many 🔥🧡❤️🙏🏼

– Anniken Brekko – 


My experience with Layna was amazing, she made me feel comfortable all the time. Her therapy is something out of words, she made me travel far in time and space which allows me reach new mental places I wasn’t aware I could go.

Super recommended, if ever have the chance to receive her treatment it is a must.


I have followed the Goddess dance (Kundalini Dance and Embodied Erotica – Erotic Archetypes), autumn-winter 2022.

I was captured in the moment and resonated with the energy. Little did I know what I had signed up for, but it’s the best choice I have ever made. Here you were met with openness, love and allowed to be yourself.

As a grown woman, it was a liberation to dance according to different archetypes. I have also participated in many workshops and events. Regaining the body’s balance, and reach many untouched points in a woman, can be liberating as well as allowing her to returning to her true self.

Here it is entirely up to you what the thematic intention is. Again openness, security, knowledge, warm guiding and getting out of a comfort zone.

Layna meets you with respect exactly where you are in life. Would say that it is an investment for yourself. This can fill you up your cup too.

Hug hug beautiful

– Anita –

I attended the course Sacred Tantric Priestess and it was a transformative and very powerfulI experience for me. I wish that all women should have had an experience like this!

Layna is a fantastic and empatic teacher who inspires you to get out of your comfort zone to get in touch with your own source of sexual power. She shares her wisdom with love and autenticy, and you really feel how she does this work with her heart ❤️

I felt so held and confirmed in the group and Layna allways makes sure that everyone feels safe. The whole atmosphere had a divine tantric glow, and I was able to awaken and connect with shakti energy and allow it to take place and flow freely in my body and in the group. After the course, I feel completely alive and vital, feel more secure in my sexuality and allow it to come out in a way that I have not experienced before.

I am so greatful for this course and all the wisdom that Layna shared with us, it was beautiful and raw ❤️💋  I will definitly come back again!

Ellinor Anna Eivor


For me, this sacred body awakening was cleansing, beautiful and healing. It felt endlessly safe, loving and close. Through this ritual I felt that I was finally able to feel my body and myself again in a way that I haven’t done in a while. In retrospect, I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to participate in this experience.

This was indeed an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and given the chance I would do it again without question! After the ritual, Layna Elvira was very attentive and nice to open up to. She let us talk about what we needed to process our experiences both as individuals and as a group.

Layna Elvira also made it clear that she would be there for us if we needed it even after the retreat. For anyone who doubts sacred body awakening is something they want to try, I strongly encourage you to do it! Layna Elvira will take care of you and do everything she can to see you and meet you in your needs

– Anna

During the sacred body awakening ritual, we were divided into groups of women and men. This made me feel safe, as I understood the awakening to be an intimate experience. Layna Elvira, who lead the female group, started by explaining what was going to happen in the ritual and made it clear that all kinds of reactions and experiences were allowed. This opened a space of acceptance and gave me an even deeper sense of security. This security and acceptance spread to the group and made me feel close to the others even though I did not know them well before the ritual.

Layna Elvira led us through the first ritual, and then let us try in turn. I had no expectation that sacred body awakening would be something I would respond to, but the response I experienced was overwhelming.

Being held, feeling unconditional love, and being allowed to feel in one’s own body what happens when you experience completely non-sexual and healing touch is an incredibly rare experience – I think – in anyones life.

– Anna

Layna Elvira is a very warm, caring, open person who gently introduces you to each of the experiences. She made sure that everyone felt safe and secure in the session and encouraged everyone to allow their inner wisdom to guide them as to how far to go into the experience.

Layna Elviras passion for the work she is doing with people is very evident through her loving attitude towards healing and her focus on bringing light into the lives of the people she comes into contact with through her work.

I would recommend going to her classes if you are a person who wants to explore your inner world and your connectedness with the other in a safe compassionate way.

– Claire

The kundalini dancing helped me to get in touch with my energy body and express in a safe space all the things I was feeling in that moment. It brought me on a journey in a safe space of acceptance and non-judgement.

It was a freeing experience… physically through the breath work and movement… emotionally by encouraging honesty and openness to the moment. I felt a connectedness with myself that I enjoyed and a flow that connected me with the other people sharing the experience. I felt a lot of joy and love throughout the kundalini dancing session.

The sacred feminine healing session was very powerful, putting me in touch with my own female energy. It awakened my deepest need to be held and nurtured by the feminine unconditionally. It gave me a sense of the warmth and gentleness of this form of healing that I have not experienced in a long time. It awakened my sexual energy also. It was as if the energies coming from up through the genitals and down through the crown were opening something within me that could not have been touched on any other way. It’s hard to put into words… you need to experience it for yourself.

– Claire

I finally got to know my total feminine strength. The space of trust and vulnerability created during the tantra massage was nothing but magical. I constantly felt how layer upon layer could be enlightened and loved, and I landed in a whole new understanding in my view of my own body, femininity and strength. At times it was very intense, and a lot of energies were finally allowed to move around, up, and out of my body. This was a long awaited experience. I feel more whole as a person and now I know how sacred my body is. I will continue to honor it. Alone and in the face of others. I am Eternally grateful for everything Elvira opened up to me!


I felt a great connection right from the start. Elvira had an ability to read me, see me fully, and to make me feel accepted and loved. The experience was mind blowing. This session made me feel so happy, and it also made me realize that I had a strong ability to feel love and pleasure. Her aura made my whole-body tingle and open up, I felt so safe and ready for everything that arose.

The second session was an out of the body experience. I have never felt anything like this before. I could stay present throughout the whole session and it felt like an exploration of every inch of my body, to open blockages when they appeared, with the help of her touch.


A wonderful and very touching experience. I received a great insight into how much emotion and shame is stagnated in my womb, which allowed me to come to realize what is going on inside me. This was something I was completely unaware of before.
During the session, I felt that a lot of emotion was unleashed, which felt very liberating. I have started working on my womb more, and started to focus on giving it love and acceptance. The session with Elvira was like a new opening in my life.


Elvira provides safe tantra massages with presence. My experience was of life energy beginning to circulate to a greater extent, and areas that had been stagnant in the body loosening up. I also experienced the essence of Mary Magdalene beginning to come into my womb, body and psyche.


Elvira is a fantastic spaceholder. The first time we met she showed a warm passion with a genuine desire to be there, Through Kundalini dance she guided me into the heart and the strength of myself blossomed. She has a real presence, and creates safety – dance and expression can be free. Thank you so much Elvira


I didn’t know what to expect when I came to the first event, and I’m so happy I did.
Through this course I have gotten to know myself on a deeper level, and gained more knowledge about the importance of our chakras in a very creative and dynamic way through dance!

Elvira shows and embodies a form of leadership that I admire and love.
I am very inspired by Junn’s strong and bold yet sensual and intuitive way of leading all the individuals in the group. I highly recommend her to help you reach into your inner power and explore your inner true essence.


I have attended Elvira 7 weeks kundalini dancing course and it was amazing. Elvira is not only an truly amazing dancing instructer but also an incredible humanbeing.

Elvira helped me, on a deep level, through dancing to dive into myself and my different blockeges and to let go and open up. Elvira is incredible to make a safe atmosfear where every feeling is accepted and welcome.

Elvira and I aslo had a Sacred body awakening workshop togheter. It was such a great experience to work together with her, where we opened up for a safe space for women to come together to heal through different dancestyles, soundhealing and tantric thouch. I’m so blessed to know this beautiful and powerfull woman and I’m super excited to see what she will do in the future.


Layna your embodiment to what you do is one of the greatest I have met. Your ability to create a safe space whilst taking us on a journey to where we are ready to be……is again…. lost for words. I feel your living your purpose and doing what you came here to do. It’s beyond words. Your sensual magic goes from this world to the new and back again many times. Your dedication and commitment to your self and purpose is one of such beautiful power. I honour your journey. 🙏💘🙌🌹💧


– Lynsey Moonflower –